Philosophy is a subversive activity.

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Switzerland is the most democratic country in the world
  1. People have the right to a referendum and initiative at various levels of government: federal, cantonal and municipal.
  2. Citizens vote on changes to the constitution.
  3. Federal administration is in the hands of SEVEN individuals, and not ONE person (a president, king, or prime minister) with her or his whims.

Internet Sites:
Escaping from Bullshit (Blog)
Problems from Wilfrid Sellars
Comprehensive bibliographies of works by and on Wilfrid Sellars, including many unpublished correspondences.
Philosophical Alternatives from C. D. Broad
Works by and on C.D. Broad, with many online texts.
Meta-Index and Archive of World Masterpieces of Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Formal and Empirical Sciences
Philosophy of ______; ______ of Philosophers
Bibliographies (with links) of different areas of philosophy.
Current Philosophy: A Synopsis of the Journal Literature, September / October 1986 (Vol. 1, No. 1)
Reproduction of a failed pilot project of identifying the best articles being published in philosophy journals.
The Philosophical Legacy of Eugene Lashchyk
A site devoted to a philosopher friend.
Much Ado About Consciousness: An Interview with David Chalmers
My interview with Chalmers.
"An Interview with Professor David Armstrong," Chicago, April 2002.

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